Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gold's Gym

If you are among the hardcore likes of Rocky Balboa, a professional athlete, or anyone else who takes working out as seriously as possible, then Gold's Gym located at 5851 E. Speedway Boulevard is your place to pump up in Tucson. 

The layout of the gym is all business. Pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger accompany statements like "Change Your Body Change Your Life." The cardio area is equipped with Life Fitness ellipticals, Precor treadmills, cycles, stair masters, and rowing machines. The gym also sports an outdoor pool, and aerobic rooms. 

Members are entertained by 27 Vizio flat screen TV's, five of which are tuned into Music Choice commercial free music programs. Hardcore rock blares through the speakers as members hoist the medieval looking steel Hammer Strength free-weights. 

Unconcerned with appearance, the iron at Gold's Gym looks as though it's been there since the club first opened, embodying its own "if it's not broken, don't fix it" attitude. Benches, dumbbells, and plates appear to be worn-in and scuffed. However, an intense lifter will care less about appearance when the club provides dumbbells up to 140 pounds and enough space and equipment to perform reps of any sweat drenching set. 

Gold's also offers classes for members. "We have trendsetting classes," said Frank "The Tank" Grijalva, an employee at Gold's Gym. "We reset classes every three months." Classes are changed and reset frequently to promote muscle confusion, which is designed to result in faster progress, and also the prevention of bored members. 

Popular classes include Body Pump, a 60 minute mixture of cardio and strength training, spinning, boot camp and Turbo Kick. According to Grijalva, members are becoming attracted to more aggressive, mixed martial arts classes.  

The club, which is open 24/7, currently offers a flat monthly rate of $19.99. The cheap prices and hardcore atmosphere bring weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts of all ages, "During the week, the average age is 35 to 50 years old," said Grijalva. 

However, crowds change periodically depending on the time of day, and the day of the week. 
No matter the age, one thing seems for certain, people are here for a serious workout. 

"Numbers may go up as the weather gets warmer," said Grijalva. 

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